KiwiRail CTMS & OMS

The first version of the KiwiRail Container Terminal Management System (CTMS) was originally built by Clearfield in 2001 and it's been steadily improved upon ever since.

The OnTrack Rail Operational Management System (OMS) was born of a need to manage the speed restrictions that specify how fast a train travels on tracks within New Zealand. Over time this system has expanded to encompass a number of functions relating to managing train tracks and more comprehensively controlling train operations.

  • Java Enterprise Edition (JEE)
  • WebSphere
  • Java
  • Amber
  • EJB
  • JPA 2
  • DB2 Database
  • Microsoft SQL Database
  • IBM MQ Messaging
  • JavaScript
  • FreeMarker
  • JSON Messaging
  • IBM System Bus Messaging
  • Quartz Scheduling Engine
  • BIRT Reporting

Container Terminal Management System (CTMS)

This system has evolved from a containerised booking system to a system that:

  • Books containers and wagons.
  • Manages the capacity of the related services and trains on which the cargo travels.
  • Manages container terminals.
  • Allows for automated business to business (B2B) operations such as creating and managing bookings.
  • Contains a customer portal allowing customers to manage and inform KiwiRail of their cargo requirements.
  • Visually allows KiwiRail staff to manage their wagons and place customer cargo onto the relevant wagons.
  • Automatically computes the capacity available on trains and suggests the best way of getting the cargo to its destination.
  • Allows the discharge and loading of trains as they transit throughout New Zealand.
  • Manages remote handheld and other devices in the field. Communication to these devices is via a range of technologies including XML and JSON endpoints.
  • Manages refrigerated cargo handling reporting and tracking of the refrigerated state.
  • Generates a number of reports on operations allowing KiwiRail staff to manage their day to day operations.

This system is primarily a JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) application running in WebSphere. It does however encapsulate a number of other technologies such as:

  • JSON endpoints.
  • Web applications using a combination of JavaScript, FreeMarker templates with a Struts based back end.
  • Amber, a thin Java client, is used to manage the internal client interface.
  • BIRT reporting tools.
  • Various JSP/JSTL based web pages.
  • EJB Session Beans.
  • JPA 2 data persistence framework.
  • MQ messaging to and from a legacy train management system.
  • DB2 database.

OnTrack Rail Operational Management System (OMS)

This system continues to manage speed restrictions but also tracks the trains themselves using GPS transponders located on the train locomotives with communication being handled via JSON interfaces. This understanding of the train characteristics/location has lead to OMS becoming one of the primary train tracking systems used inside KiwiRail. It also manages safety systems relating to protecting working parties that repair sections of the railway tracks. OMS integrates via IBM MQ with the KiwiRail AMICUS train management system receiving pending train consists and supplying a continuous understanding of the locations of the trains as they travel. The application is a Java Enterprise Edition application on a WebSphere application server. The primary client user interface uses Amber, a thin Java client.

"The Clearfield team are very responsive, have sound technical knowledge and engage well with Technical and Business teams. They spend time with us understanding the business issues, and will guide us through a range of options that deliver the outcomes KiwiRail needs. We have built sound, longstanding relationships with the team and find them willing and flexible to achieve mutually beneficial commercial arrangements."

Penelope Rae, Head of Delivery, KiwiRail Ltd


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