SQL or NoSQL - Keeping your most valuable asset safe

Data is the core of your business. Databases are the tools that store that data and they come in many shapes and sizes. Getting databases right is absolutely critical to success.

As corporate/enterprise developers we have experience in developing for a wide range of databases. We also have plenty of experience in the operational side of database IT.

  1. Administration: We have database administrators (DBA's) to assist with both daily running, one-off-tasks and disaster recovery.
  2. Data Migration: Transferring data from one system to another to another is a speciality, cleaning it up and restructuring it in the process.
  3. Installation and tuning: We can help set up the database, tune it for production or development loads, and establish disaster recovery procedures and replication.
  4. Hosting: Host your database with us and take advantage of our data centre and our monitoring/disaster recovery infrastructure.


SQL databases, or relational databases, have been around a long time. Despite being the backbone of almost every IT operation, a huge number of developers don't know how to get the best out of an SQL database. We do.

We've worked with relational database management systems and SQL for many years. Our core experience is with IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. We have tuned, clustered and replicated these databases to within an inch of their lives.



NoSQL databases are those specialist, niche databases that fill a need that relational databases don't serve very well. It may be that your data is better held in a document database, such as MongoDB, or in a graph database, like Neo4J.

If this is what you need, don't worry. We also work with a flock of NoSQL databases that are specialised for different data needs.