iOS App Development

Native iOS apps built to spec

Our iOS development team can help you conceive, design, build and deploy your mobile app for iPhones and iPads. These apps are done in Swift and/or Objective C to produce an app that is fast, uses the full power of iOS and is great looking to boot.

We have experience producing applications for Apple systems that fit into their design guidelines and expectations. We build our mobile apps in native code to ensure they are as fast as possible and always look and feel like they belong on iOS.


Swift versus Objective C

iOS applications can be written in one of two languages: the classic Objective C or Apple's new and improved programming language, Swift. We know how to work with both.

When developing our own new apps we tend to favour the modern capabilities of Swift, which Apple developed specifically for programming within their systems. This modern language is designed to be general purpose and multi-paradigm while specifically integrating with Apple's Cocoa Touch Framework and Objective C to make programming iOS apps easy. We like getting to leverage the latest developments for the most power and flexibility when creating software.

However, Objective C is still a language in massive use. Until recently this was the language that everything for iOS was written in and many older apps are written in this language. Luckily we still remember how to use it. We can integrate older Objective C with newer Swift code to create a fully functioning app you would never know was written in two different programming languages or just stick to the tried and true original when maintaining an app.

Whether we're building a brand new app for you or you'd like us to update an existing application you have in hand; whether you want to work in Objective C or Swift; we have the skills and experience to help you get the best out of the iOS platform.


Looking Great on iPhone & iPad

The applications we build are dynamically responsive so that they look great on any iPhone or iPad. Similar to websites iOS apps are required to run on multiple systems. Not only does Apple offer both phones and tablets but the different models result in a huge variety of screen sizes and resolutions. Luckily we can build you responsive apps that look good no matter the dimensions of the device.

Not only can we code your app but we have lots of experience working with Apple's storyboard in order to ensure that our apps automatically resize themselves to fit your screen. The storyboard is a tool that lets us create the screens you want and then give them rules so that the app can dynamically adjust itself to the specific dimensions of whatever device it is run on - including resizing the text based on what your settings are.

We work with you to define the look and feel of the application then use the storyboard to get it looking good on every Apple tablet and phone available.


Apple Frameworks

Apple has an extensive library of application programming interfaces (API's) that it provides to developers in their software development kit (SDK). These give our developers access to Apple functionality so they can make the best possible use of iOS. When developing an app these offer opportunities to get the best out of Apple devices and make your app really shine.

For example, if you are interested in data relating to physical health, Apple offers HealthKit and CareKit. Need a survey done, use ResearchKit.

  • HealthKit integrates with the Health app on iPhones and allows your application to share data with this Apple created app.
  • CareKit allows you to easily manage and track your health and well being through daily tasks, with graphs and insights helping you better understand the results.
  • ResearchKit offers a survey and question system that quickly gathers required information from users and displays it in a variety of formats.

One of the things that makes an Apple app stand out is its distinctive look and feel that users love. We have experience working with Apple API's to ensure that your app really feels like it belongs on iOS and fully leverages all the opportunities the Apple system provides.