Systems Administration

Keeping the hardware and software humming

Installing, upgrading, repairing, monitoring and troubleshooting your hardware and software are all essential parts of keeping your computer systems running. We offer expert, trusted Linux sysadmin services.

That means that we can handle any task required in the setup and ongoing maintenance of new servers - wherever that server is physically located - with whatever software it needs to run.

System administrators are the guys in the front lines, keeping everything running smoothly. We've been fulfilling this important operational role for more than 25 years and we are trusted with 500+ websites and multiple mission-critical systems for various large clients.



Bad stuff happens. Software can crash, computers can crash, networks can go down. It's not fun, and these things could be a potential disaster if not handled quickly and correctly.

That's when you need good support.

We support the software we write. That means that if we wrote it, we'll always be ready to fix it. That applies to all our software, no matter how long ago that was (and trust us, we have some old software that's been in service for more than two decades).

We support our applications, whether hosted on your premises, in the cloud or by us. Everything is backed up, everything is monitored, we have redundancy. If there is trouble, we are a phone call or email away.



We can set up and manage the infrastructure you need for your applications and websites, whether it is physically hosted or cloud based.

  • Servers: We will commission your servers, including the operating system (OS) of your choice, the language environment, libraries, frameworks, web server, database, email and management tools, all installed and configured to run your sites and applications.
  • Resilience: We can set up secondary servers for failover or load balancing, or for disaster recovery (DR) scenarios. We can even split your traffic geographically between different parts of the globe. Having more than one server allows for seamless updates, because one server can be updated while the other is live.
  • Backups: We will design and implement a backup regime tailored to your custom requirements, with both online and offline copies of your critical data.
  • Monitoring: We can configure automated monitoring of your website or application, its load, performance, resource utilisation and error conditions. Any abnormality then triggers an alert, by email or SMS, which we can respond to accordingly.
  • Updates: Keeping your system up to date is critical for security. We regularly apply official security patches and service updates, and monitor common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) lists.