Enterprise Application Development

Developing the code that drives your business

One of Clearfield's core strengths is in developing the back end software. The back end is where the business is executed and it's the beating heart of the system.

Our tools and practices are modern, but our experience is invaluable. We've been doing it for more than 25 years.


Java & the Java Ecosystem

We usually build with Java – probably the most mature and well established of the back end languages in wide use today. We've been coding in Java since version 1.0 and we've continuously worked with it during its evolution. As a result, we have experience with several Java Enterprise Edition containers, web containers, frameworks and deployment models.

Along with Java comes a huge ecosystem. It's a well established language and it's super popular. It includes tools to do almost everything you can imagine – many of them at no cost.

Java applications may be built to be deployed to run standalone or as an enterprise container. We have two very high profile frameworks that we leverage to produce modern, quality back ends:

  • Spring Boot
  • JEE (Java Enterprise Edition)

Microsoft Enterprise Servers

The Microsoft Windows ecosystem is a common option chosen when clients make decisions on technology requirements. Clearfield understands this and is able to work with web and enterprise solutions written for Microsoft environments - either enhancing existing systems or creating them from scratch.

We build .NET applications residing in Internet Information Services (IIS) servers using ASP.NET to provide server functionality along with a number of Microsoft frameworks supplying component communication, multi-threading and persistence functions. We make integration with backend Microsoft SQL Server databases, for managing data persistence, simple and straightforward.


Desktop Apps

We can also create desktop apps that you download and install on your computer. These are fantastic for when you really, really need the full speed and power of the machine – no compromises.

We have experience in a variety of classic and more recent programming languages for whatever kind of application you might need. We can build you Desktop apps for three different platforms:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux