SsangYong & LDV Leases

These sites use a custom module for Drupal. After a customer requests a new vehicle lease, Clearfield's custom module creates lease quotes and calculates lease and financial terms before emailing a quote to the dealer.

The backend allows the dealer to change prices and terms or add new cars and accessories.

  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • Drupal Custom Module
  • JQueryUI

KiwiRail CTMS & OMS

The first version of the KiwiRail Container Terminal Management System (CTMS) was originally built by Clearfield in 2001 and it's been steadily improved upon ever since.

The OnTrack Rail Operational Management System (OMS) was born of a need to manage the speed restrictions that specify how fast a train travels on tracks within New Zealand. Over time this system has expanded to encompass a number of functions relating to managing train tracks and more comprehensively controlling train operations.

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For Baby

For Baby is not just a Watties product site. It is also a huge library of articles, blogs, videos and bonus content for registered users. Built in eZ Publish.

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