Mobile Development

Architecture, Design, Development, Testing, Support

Nowadays everyone has a phone. And sometimes a phone app is exactly what is needed to reach your audience. Mobile apps are extremely powerful. Providing a well thought-out and fully tested tablet or phone app will open up your business to busy people on the go.

In the mobile app space, we have three distinct teams to build your application:

The iOS team: works in Swift and/or Objective C to develop an app that is fast, uses the full power of iOS and is great looking to boot.

The Android team: works in Kotlin or Java to develop the latest in Android apps. Our Android apps are genuine Android products, with the distinct Android look and feel. Needless to say, they're capable of taking advantage of the entire Android ecosystem and they're also fast and great looking!

The Hybrid team: works in HTML and JavaScript to build a "web app on a phone". Not that your users would ever be able to tell that's what they're using!

We always develop our applications using native code, which gives us top performance on all phones. If applicable, our applications can work in both online and offline modes.