Native Apps for Android

Apps for the most popular mobile platform

Our Android development team can help you conceive, design, build and deploy your mobile app for any Android phone or tablet.

Our Android apps are built in the native programming languages of Android: Kotlin and Java, to produce the best results. Our team is experienced with Android conventions and have made various applications for this ecosystem, including games.


Focused on Android: Standing Out From The Crowd

Both Android and iOS devices have taken over the world. For a great many businesses, a mobile app is now the best route to the most customers. Downloading and installing a mobile app is a quick, easy way for a member of the public to connect with you and your business.

First impressions count. The app stores are absolutely awash with similar-sounding apps competing for attention.
If your app is not the easiest to use, the most reliable or your developers don't support it effectively, a customer will simply uninstall the app and take their business elsewhere. Apps have to be top-notch. They need to be built for Android users and the Android ecosystem is quite different from any other out there.

We offer a point of difference with Android-specific expertise for the design, build and support of these apps. It's not enough to take an iOS app and try and replicate the same thing on Android - Android requires specialised development skills to make the most of the platform and give you the happiest users.


The Most Modern Approach

For Android development we generally use Kotlin. This is the newest officially supported language and offers the most reliable apps, built in the quickest time. Google has adopted Kotlin as it's Android programming language of choice. It provides developers with a very modern programming language, reduced development time and less opportunity for bugs. We strive to adopt the newest versions of all the Android components and to stick rigorously with Android's best practices for development, testing and deployment.


The Android Ecosystem

Android is a very rich environment, with a great many libraries and features. A few highlights that we've found to be in hot demand are:

  • Push notifications: Notify your users when something changes.
  • Location services: Track where devices are, so you can tailor the experience based on where the user is in the world.
  • Runs on multiple devices and in different regions: We can build you one app that runs on phones, tablets, TV set-top boxes and wearables. This includes support for different screens, languages and themes.

The list goes on: there are APIs for networking, social media integration, health tracking, Bluetooth, gaming - almost anything you can think of.