Web Apps

Extra power for your website

Web apps are state of the art. They're fully-featured applications running in a browser. You open your web browser, go to a web address and voila, your application appears and is ready to use.

Web apps are really powerful – everything from Facebook to Instagram run off this technology when you open them in a web browser. Behind the scenes is a vast database of (pretty much) everything but you interact with the web app. Web apps can have tools for data entry, searching, categorising, browsing and reporting, and we can build them all. We also undertake building large business front ends in web technologies such as AngularJS, Aurelia or React.

Through our web apps, you can introduce a comprehensive user experience, fronting your back end business logic with an attractive, easy to use user interface. We've built many website "extras" - product configurators, one-click shopping carts, wizards, product choosers, and infographic animations.