Connecting the people to the business

We use the latest in web technologies so that our websites are clear, modern and easy to use on all devices.

Depending on your needs we can either create a friendly face to your back end business systems or, on the other end of the spectrum, a simple brochure website for advertising. We've done many of both.

We provide an effective and friendly user experience. We leverage the expertise of our web team to make our user interfaces modern, stylish, easy to use and mobile-friendly.


Responsive & Adaptive Design

Clearfield positions itself as a web developer. Think of us as builders, rather than interior designers. We see our place as constructing quality, robust, modern sites.

We tend to outsource our web design work to people we trust, or we'll take designs from your existing marketing & design agency and convert them to the assets we need to build your site. Once we have a design, we "realise" the site, building it in a content management system of your choice.

It's common for more users to visit your site on a mobile device - in fact, our big name sites attract mostly Android and iOS traffic – so today it's more important than ever to make sure your site is mobile-friendly, tested and fully functional.

In many cases we can take an existing design and make it mobile friendly with no graphic redesign. Of course, if you'd like to refresh the whole site while making it mobile-friendly we can do that too.

We are experienced in both responsive and adaptive website design:

  • Responsive: Your site is carefully crafted with a design that scales to fit any device. You don't need a separate mobile site.
  • Adaptive: Sometimes you do want a separate mobile site - maybe it's got extra features that only make sense on a mobile device, maybe the handheld version has abbreviated content or maybe it really does have a very different look and feel. We can help.

Modernising Your Site

Sites get stale. After a couple of years everyone gets sick of looking at the same pages and it's time for a refresh. We often get involved when that time comes. If you have a site that is working and fully loaded, but just needs a facelift, call us. We can take your existing site and apply a fresh new skin to it.

Make your pages less boring with some interactivity. We can help you go beyond a simple site and build JavaScript pages that allow for almost anything you can imagine.